‘Remember to celebrate milestones as you prepare for the road ahead’- Nelson Mandela

I hope that you all had a good half-term and were able to enjoy the long Bank Holiday weekend. Seventy years is a notable landmark- only two monarchs have reigned for longer than the Queen- and there were a range of celebrations up and down the country over the long weekend, ranging from formal processions in the heart of London, to the street parties that brought communities together. Many students this week have had really interesting stories about the activities they took part in last weekend. I went to see The Killers in London with my daughter which was, in its own way, a celebration as they were tickets I bought six months before the pandemic started. It’s the longest wait I’ve ever had to watch a band (over two and a half years) but worth every minute.

This week’s House assemblies have focused on celebrating success. When reflecting on success, I think it’s important to remember two things: success can be measured in different ways; and it is relative to the individual. The first success is that we have currently awarded 430,000 positive behaviour points on Class Charts, which means that we will definitely pass the half a million mark before the end of this academic year. It’s an incredible figure and one that I always take great pride in highlighting to the students. We considered the many different areas where the children succeed every week, ranging from academic, sporting, creative, helping at home, and friendship. I’m a firm believer that your children should try to embrace everything the school has to offer. I want to see as many of them try new activities, take on a leadership role, or perform in a performance. These are the kinds of memories that will stay with them long after they have left the school.

Another success worth celebrating is the work that the student council has completed over the past few years. One of the key roles of the student council is to highlight areas of the school that they would like improved. As a consequence of this dialogue, new canopies have been built to provide space to socialise at break and lunch, catering pods have been purchased to reduce waiting times for food, all of the toilet blocks have been refurbished, and the school has a flourishing LGBTQ+ group that helps us celebrate the diversity within our community. We will continue to listen to the students to see what more we can do over the next few years to improve their experience of school.

It has been a delight to see trips and visits happening again after two years of restrictions. This week alone, there have been visits to the school to support a PSHCRE day and a local college coming in to talk to Year 10s about their options. Later this term, we will be holding an Arts festival for Years 7 and 8, a whole-school Sports Day towards the end of term, many transition events for the Year 6s readying themselves to come to the school in September, and a Presentation Evening at the Aegeus Bowl next month. Many opportunities to celebrate the diverse talents of our student body.

Have a good weekend.

Best wishes