“If you’re brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello.”. – Paulo Coelho.

As we come to the end of another academic year, we sadly have to say goodbye to a number of colleagues. Over the past two years, there hasn’t been a lot of staff movement, which is something that always helps when you are trying to develop consistency across the school. I’ve written before that it is always a bittersweet moment when colleagues leave. On one hand, I am disappointed that I won’t be working with them anymore; on the other, I am excited when staff leave for new opportunities, for promoted posts, or to be able to be closer to home.

Next year, the school will be increasing in size again, as part of the planned growth to year groups of 240 students (1200 students in total), so we are also in the envious position of having recruited more staff to join us than are leaving.

I would like to thank the following members of staff for their service and hard work:

  • Mrs Holden (Teacher of MFL) who is leaving to work in another Hampshire school.
  • Mr Williams Teacher of (Maths) who is leaving to take up a promoted post at another Hampshire school.
  • Miss Shore (Acting Head of MFL), who has led the department for much of the year and is leaving to take up a post nearer to home.
  • Mrs Nayyar (Assistant SENDCo) who has been promoted to a senior role at another school.
  • Mr Holland (Cover Supervisor), who is leaving his post to go into teacher training. We will still be seeing him though as he will be completing his training at Hamble.
  • Miss Sherrell (Attendance Officer), who is leaving to take up a promoted post as Head of Year at another Hampshire school.
  • Mr Duckworth (Teacher of Science), who is relocating to Cornwall.
  • Mrs Sargent (Head of Geography) who is leaving to take up a promoted post at a school in Southampton.
  • Mrs Roome (Head of Year), who is moving to another Head of Year position at a Hampshire school.
  • Miss Niblock (Deputy Head of Science), who is leaving to take up a promoted post at another Hampshire school.
  • Miss Wesson (Teacher of Maths) who is leaving because of family commitments.

Thank you to all of the members of staff mentioned above. They will be much missed at Hamble, but I wish them well in their future roles.

Today, we are finishing with our usual Celebration Assemblies to try to recognise the hard work of so many students across the school. Last week we had our annual Prize-Giving Evening at the Ageas Hilton hotel, where we recognised the achievements of over 160 students. Whilst these events are always very positive, I think it is important to recognise that that are many students who also work hard throughout the year and are unable to attend simply because of the restriction in numbers. It is something that we will focus on more next year so that we can continue to encourage hard work, effort, and attitude to a wider range of students.

I hope that you and your families are all able to have a restful and enjoyable holiday. Please all be safe and I look forward to seeing your children back in school on Friday 2nd September for the start of the new academic year.

Best wishes


“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself,”- Henry Ford

One of the things I always stress when I talk to students is the importance of collaboration and community. we currently have 1140 students and approximately 140 members of staff. Once we take into account approximately 2000 parents and carers, you can see that the Hamble community is a large one. It’s certainly a lot of different opinions and expectations to cater for. One of the ways we try to do this is through the questionnaires and surveys that we occasionally send out.

Earlier this year, a large number of you completed a parent/ carer survey that provided us with some really good feedback about the things you think are working at the school, as well as some areas that you would like us to address. One of those was communication, and hopefully you are pleased with some of the changes we have made, including:

  • A redesign of the school’s website, with more helpful tabs and links displayed. This is to make navigation of the site much easier.
  • A weekly message, summarising the main events taking place in school. This has reduced the number of separate letters being sent out.
  • Changing the school’s communication system and introducing ‘In Touch’. This has resulted in us using text messages more regularly, which is something that you had asked for.
  • Introducing a school Facebook page, which highlights key information for you.
  • Improving the use of the school’s Twitter page, which contains regular updates on what is going on.

I recognise that there are still areas that we need to improve- sometimes communication between staff and parents/ carers is not sufficiently clear- but we remain committed to working in partnership with you as closely as we can. When there are concerns, please do contact your child’s form tutor or subject teacher. Often, these concerns are a result of a simple misunderstanding. If your concern cannot be resolved at this level, then you might need to speak to your child’s Head of Year who will normally be able to help you. What I can say, is that I am very proud to lead a team of committed and caring staff who want all children at The Hamble School to do their very best. ‘Achieving Excellence Together’ really sums up our approach- we believe that working collaboratively brings the best results.

One of the other areas you asked us to look at changing was school uniform. A couple of months ago, we sent out a separate survey on uniform, which a number of you completed. We also held a Parent Forum, which was led by Mrs Pennington-Chick (Deputy Headteacher) and Mrs Valleley (Assistant Headteacher). As a result of this collaborative process, we have made some changes to the uniform for September 2022. Please see the new Uniform Policy below: https://www.thehambleschool.co.uk/uniform/

I am very proud of how smart our students look in their uniform and most of the parent/ carer responses wanted minimal or no changes. I’ve written before that my attitude towards uniform is that if you have it, it’s important that everyone complies with it. The word ‘uniform’ means the same. Having a uniform policy does not impinge on students’ rights or their sense of individuality- it just means that we have a dress code when attending school. Staff have a separate dress code, which I occasionally have to reinforce when there are individual misunderstandings.

The main points to note are:

School jumper: This was the most commonly mentioned item, and a number of you asked if we would look at making this optional. From September 2022, the school jumper will be an optional item of school uniform. Hoodies and non-school jumpers are not permitted, so if a child wears a jumper it must be a regulation one, but we recognise that some children find it uncomfortable to wear a blazer and jumper.

School Socks: We’ve amended the policy to allow plain dark grey, navy, and black socks to be worn. White socks and patterned socks are still not permitted but we’ve widened the colour range to make it easier for you to find suitable socks for school.

Shoes: We’re allowing patent leather shoes again, after requests from students and parents/ carers. We’ve also update our ‘Shoe Guidance’ list, which is also available on the website here: https://www.thehambleschool.co.uk/uniform/ Please look through this document so there are no misunderstandings. Like most schools, we don’t allow trainers, trainer-style shoes, canvas shoes, or shoes with decorative stitching.

Trousers/ Shirts: We’ve indicated some alternative shops where these can be purchased.

Blazers: These don’t have to be bought from Skoolkit- they can be sourced elsewhere and a school badge attached.

We will consider alternatives to the Thornton school skirt for September 2023.

Finally, in relation to piercings, if your child is going to have their nose pierced or additional piercings, please do that at the beginning of the school holiday so that these piercings can be removed for school in September. Every year, there are a couple of students/ families who say that a piercing cannot be removed as it has only recently been completed. This leads to some awkward conversations to begin the school year.

Have a good weekend.

Best wishes